Rare opportunity to perform at Chidambaram temple well utilised

“Vennira Aadai” Nirmala’s troupe gave a three-hour thematic presentation

Ms . Nirmala was honoured by the temple Deekshitars committee for a Bharatanatyam performance for three hours in the temple on 1st January. A thematic progame “Om Namahchivaaya” was specialy choreographed and performed to the delight of the audiance with her desciples of Tiruvallur and chennai

According to Ms. Nirmala, it was a rare honour conferred on her and her 20-member troupe by the temple authorities. She told this correspondent that usually the Arudhra Darshan festivities would conclude by December 29 or 30.

This time, as an exception, the fete was extended well into New Year’s Day. Ms. Nirmala said that it was indeed a pleasant surprise for her as the Podhu Dikshithars’ Committee allotted full three hours for her troupe to stage the event. It encouraged the troupe members to put in their best.

The event started with the invocatory dance Ananda Narthana Ganpathi and proceeded with interestingly choreographed sequences to culminate in Ananda Thandavam.

The theme is about a maiden’s yearning to have a glimpse of Lord Shiva. The intensity of the spiritual love of the maiden was gracefully and effectively portrayed by Ms. Nirmala.

Steeply engrossed in her heart’s pursuit, she ultimately wins over the Lord. Pleased by the un-wavered devotion of the maiden, Lord Siva appears before her and performs Ananda Thandavam, conferring spiritual bliss on the maiden.

The programme is perfectly designed by Ms. Nirmala and supported by her niece Sudha, Bhagyalakshmi and Sri Devi. Vinodh has done the role of Lord Siva in an impressive manner.

As for the uniqueness of the event, Ananda Thandava Dikshithar, secretary, said during the Arudhra Darshan celebrations the members would submit their requests to the committee to allot timings for the devotees to perform.

Depending upon the number of applications received for any given day the committee would allot the time slots. As for the Ms. Nirmala’s troupe, Nataraja Murthy Dikshithar made a representation and it found favour with the committee.

Since there would be too many aspirants to stage their performance during the annual Natyanjali festival, the schedule would get overcrowded, giving hardly three 10 minutes slot to each performer. All the aspirants would not get a chance. Hence, there would be spill over and those desirous of staging their performance during the Arudhra Darshan fete would be suitably accommodated.

“It is just expected of the performers to provide for the diesel to run the generator sets to light up the temple (as power cut has not spared the temple too) and five kilogram of ghee, and nothing else,” Ananda Thandava Dikshithar added.